Region: Calabria

Pizzo Greco Campeggio Naturista

This naturist tourism complex is immersed in a fairly wild natural environment, typical of southern Italy, with reddish hues produced by the clayey soil
similar to that found in Greece. And the coast is even called Magna Graecia.
In 25 years of slow transformation, the management group Pizzo Greco FKK srl, which manages the complex, added a light human touch to nature, in the pure naturist spirit: they recreated the traditional Mediterranean underbrush and preexisting arboreal conditions.
pizzogreco b
Address - Contacts
Località Fratte Vecchie - 88841 Isola di Capo Rizzuto Krotone
Phone + 39 0962 791771 - Fax 39 0962 792249


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